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Dixie Frantz

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A Joyful Embrace

A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir

About the Book by Dixie Frantz, Author

A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir is about the inspiring life of a daughter born with cerebral palsy. Mimi, a severely handicapped child, is a member of an ordinary family: father, mother, big sister, and little brother. She is my middle child. Her physical and mental challenges are many. Though wheelchair bound with the mental capacity of a delightful two-year-old her entire life, her extraordinary social and spiritual gifts changed hearts and challenged what is “normal” to hundreds of people. Her time on earth transformed her family, friends, and community into something extraordinary, proving that every life is worthy of a grand adventure.

Mimi tragically died in 2018 when she was thirty-four years, three months, and four days old. In this inspirational and often cautionary tale, I write with complete candor about what it was like to live through even impossibly hard moments. This book also unmasks the real story about the disabled living in our families and communities.

The book is now available online to purchase at Amazon



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I am a writer, lifestyle blogger, community volunteer, quilter, and former humor columnist. My book A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir, was written after my disabled daughter unexpectedly died in October 2018. After marrying at the tender age of nineteen, I worked to put my husband through college as a secretary. This delayed my own college education until our three children, including one with many special needs, were all school age.

It was in community college that I discovered I could write. In 1999, I received an Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College in Kingwood, Texas, at the age of forty-six. I have written almost five hundred humor columns over a span of twenty-five years.



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