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A Halloween Giveaway for You ... BOO!

I recently came across this adorable children's book The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt. It was written by Riel Nason and illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler. Mimi would have loved it! It is about this little ghost who was different...a patchwork quilt...instead of a sheet like his parents and friends. Like Mimi, "It was hard for him to lift off, and he was a slow flyer." Being different was never an issue for Mimi. She adored everyone.

So, I am attempting my first blog giveaway! Subscribe to my blog, and win a chance to receive the "little ghost" book! The hardcover book is valued at $17.99 and great for ages 4 to 7. But don't let the age restrictions deter you! I have learned from reading The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, to give myself permission to read good children's literature! It has increased my happiness endorphins to slide a children's book into my book queue once in a while.

Now, the rules! Those already subscribed to this blog are certainly eligible. You are already so appreciated! If you want to be a new subscriber, just click the "Log in/Sign up" button at the upper right-hand side of the screen and follow the directions. The winner will be picked at random the day before Halloween!

As a subscriber, you will receive an email each time I write a post. I'll be letting you know how the journey toward publishing the book is going and post "Mimi photos and stories." I truly appreciate with virtual hugs your support for Mimi's book and mission.

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