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Why I Wrote A Joyful Embrace

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Another reason for writing A Joyful Embrace was to somehow deal with my intense grief. I had great family and friend support, but I was a mess. I was crying all the time. A few months after Mimi passed away, I visited a counselor. It was my hope she could help me. We talked about continuing the visits.

Then my husband, Rick, developed a brain tumor. He had been in remission for a couple of years from stage 4 kidney cancer and doing well. Then the strangest thing happened. On a Sunday morning, the two of us were sitting at the kitchen table chatting and suddenly his right arm started to violently clench and unclench. It wasn’t anything he could control. The first time, the “clenching and unclenching” lasted for about ten seconds. It wasn’t very long, maybe one hour, and it happened again. I started counting. Whatever it was lasted 15 seconds. After the third time, and many Google attempts to surmise what could be causing this unusual clenching, we headed down to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital (MDA). Rick was still a cancer patient. Standard operating procedure for pretty much anything unusual with Rick meant a trip to MDA’s emergency room.

My husband Rick and I, on one of our many travels - before the brain tumor.

After the brain tumor was discovered, I decided Rick was going to be in a battle for his life and needed my full attention. Cancer was about to take over our lives again.

The next and future appointments with the counselor were cancelled. I just would have to put my grieving on hold for a while. I had plenty of reasons to write a book about Mimi. Perhaps writing her story would also help me step forward through my grieving.

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