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My Heart is all "A Flutter"

In 2013, Mimi modeled a quilt I made which was then donated to The Village Learning Center for their annual fundraising gala. Gosh ... those dimples! Over the years, I have made them many quilts. Mimi loved The Village, or as she called it, "the center," her beloved day center.

Today, I dropped off a butterfly quilt to them for this year's gala. I am so sad I don't have Mimi to model this quilt I call "A Flutter." On October 17, Mimi will have been gone for 3 years. She still seems so present to me. I believe this is the first quilt I've donated to The Village since she left us.

There are 25 butterflies in this quilt which is 47 inches wide by 47 inches long. I love how Judy quilted it creating antenna with quilt thread and quilting each butterfly just a little different. I also love how Sally created the quilt label. I just give her the information for the label and let her do her thing! She continues to surprise me with her embroidery skills. She, as is Judy, are quite the overachievers! Did you know a "flutter" is what they call a bunch of butterflies? The Laundry Basket Quilts pattern is dated 2016 and is entitled "Butterflies." It was one of my long overdue unfinished projects (quilters call them UFO's) that finally got my attention. It wasn't until I was zigging and zagging recently around all the butterfly wings at a quilt retreat that my heart went ... all a flutter. Perhaps it was Mimi gently tugging that THIS QUILT should be for her "center." I hope it makes The Village lots of money!

A book update on A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir with regard to publishers as I patiently wait for one to say "yes." So far, I have four "no's." These four did not have a sample chapter included in their book proposals because that is how they wanted it. I am waiting on six other publishers for a decision! These six all have at least one sample chapter. I am not discouraged. I believe this waiting is all part of the journey.

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