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Sneak Preview ... A Photo From the Book

This week, I traveled back through time picking out "Mimi" photographs for the upcoming book "A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir." I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorites.

My graphic designer is in the process of formatting the book and asked for photos. The plan is to include a number of black-and-white photos after each of the three sections of the book.

Without giving too much away (we are just peeking after all), Mimi had been newly diagnosed with cerebral palsy and about six or seven months old. She was receiving physical therapy weekly at home in the evening. At that time, Mimi couldn't sit up, hold her head up, and her trunk was not stable.

The "corner" concept was the brainchild of the physical therapist. Rick built it according to engineering standards because that is what an engineer does. I covered it. Mimi didn't like it very much so we added the lion squeaky toy as a distraction. The corner was used to give Mimi the sensation, and practice, of "sitting." It was the first of many collaborative husband/wife projects on Mimi's behalf.

Stay tuned! The book's cover will be the next big hurdle!

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