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Steppin' Up

Next week, I'll be attending the first fundraising event for The Village since Mimi passed away nearly four years ago. Pray for me. Some things are hard. The Village is the day center Mimi attended for many years since aging out of public school. It was certainly her "happy place" ... especially bowling once a week!

While I have continued to support The Village from afar with donations and a quilt each year for their gala, I feel it is probably time to step up and make an appearance. This year, I'm donating a cake (thank you HEB for baking it) in Mimi's memory for their Dessert Silent Auction. Yes ... I said a dessert auction! Have you purchased your talent show tickets yet?

The last time I attended the talent show it was with Mimi. Back then our very own pediatrician/magician, Dr. Penn, was one of the awesome talents presenting. I'm not certain who saw who first. Mimi managed several bone-crushing hugs with him before the show.

Some time later as Dr. Penn was about to start his magic show the unexpected happened. Right there on an open mic, he dedicated his magic act to Mimi. I remember there were multiple gasps of delight from the crowd ... and a loud "awwww" from Mimi. She loved Dr. Penn.

Note: I do not have any photographs of Mimi bowling with her peers at The Village. The photo above is one I took for a college Photography project when Mimi was in middle school. The man assisting is a coach.

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