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Thanks for Joyfully Embracing Mimi's Book

I am so truly touched at what people are saying after reading Mimi's book A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir. Words like "delightful" and "inspiring" and "humbling." Those words describe Mimi so perfectly.

After reading the book, one mother with a son with special needs told me I had written the book about her family's life! While Mimi's story is deeply personal, it is about all those who struggle to have their family members with special needs live with dignity and to their full potential.

Since mid-February when Mimi's book was published on Amazon, I have been honored to speak, or participate in, the following local events:

  • Book signing at The Village Learning Center

  • Book signing at a local Kingwood gift shop My Happy Place

  • Spoke at a Founder's Day Dinner for educators

  • Participated in a local church book club

  • Spoke at a charity event for The Village Learning Center

I have several book clubs and speaking events for groups on my calendar. If you know of a book club, or group, that would benefit from hearing Mimi's story, please let me know.

Ways to purchase A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir: On Amazon (I would be grateful for a review), and locally at My Happy Place gift shop in Kingwood's Town Center.

Profits from Mimi's book are being donated to The Village Learning Center in Mimi's memory. Yesterday, I received my first royalty check and passed the proceeds on to The Village. Stay tuned! I am just getting started!

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Sara M
Sara M
02 במאי 2023

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.

Thank you, Dixie, for the many ways you continue to say, "yes!"

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