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The reason for the season

I watched It's a Wonderful Life (the black and white version) starring Jimmy Stewart last night and, as usual, cried at the end when the whole town of Bedford Falls comes to George Bailey's rescue. The movie's message is a powerful reminder of lots of reasons for the season: faith, family, friends, and community. I particularly loved George's guardian angel, Clarence, and his mission to show George why it mattered that he lived.

It is a theme in my upcoming book "A Joyful Embrace: A Memoir." Mimi has been gone since October, 2018. Miss her every day. I am still humbled that hundreds attended her funeral in much the same way the whole town showed up for George Bailey. How is it that Mimi, disabled since birth, and mentally a two-year-old, touched so many lives? Did her life matter? Her faith, family, friends, and community tells us she did. Everyone's life matters. Merry Christmas!

Update on where the book is with regard to finding a publisher. A book proposal went out to 10 publishers in mid-July. I have now heard back from 5 declining the book. I remain optimistic and hopeful.

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