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The Writing Journey So Far

After Mimi and Rick passed away, I read a lot of grief books. Nothing helped, so instead I decided to write one.

I have since learned anyone that says they are writing a book needs a ginormous hug! What was I thinking? To say it was a lot of soul-searching solitary work with tears spilled all other the keyboard is putting it mildly. And that was just the first draft! After writing and re-writing many times, my adult children, Katie and Ricky, and my lovely daughter-in-law, Kate, read Mimi’s book. Each offered many great suggestions. Leave this in, take that out, remember when this happened kind-of-things. More re-writing and tweaking. Then I asked my newspaper editor, Cynthia, to read it and she gave me a different kind of great advice. They are the only people close to me that have read Mimi’s book. If this writing exercise had just been about working through my grief, I would say I was done with the book and moved on! But no.

So, so many books on grief.

My next step required a giant leap of faith. I could self-publish it for family and friends. It probably would be well received. Mimi was so adored and loved. But her story is so much grander and complex. The larger tale is about those living on the fringes of society, in plain sight, but not seen, with special needs and their families. Just like our family, they all yearn for dignity, inclusion, understanding, and shorter government waiting lists. Living in the world is difficult enough for those who do not have special needs.

It is why I searched for professional assistance with Mimi’s book. I know … call me crazy. Because of WriteByNight, a writer’s service, which I highly recommend, I have a polished manuscript with 78,000 words. Mimi’s book has been professionally critiqued, edited, and proofed. Part of the process was also writing a book proposal. I will admit that was so much more difficult than writing the book. Next up … submitting to publishers! Stay tuned.

I feel certain I will need lots of hugs to get through this next step.

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