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Time to Self-Publish!

Mimi worked so hard to learn all her life. Some of her many elementary school activities involved pegs of different sizes, coins, building blocks, stringing beads (that skill never happened), and crayons. Mimi's hands didn't work very well all her life so occupational therapy was a major challenge.

I remember one skill in particular involving putting coins in a slot. Sounds simple. But think about just the eye/hand coordination needed to accomplish this task. The therapist started with a quarter, and eventually worked her way down to a nickel, and then a penny. It probably took Mimi a semester, but she finally learned to put a penny in the slot. I can still hear her say "yeah" when she finally mastered the task.

So my book journey is going to be challenging. I suspect a lot like Mimi putting a small coin in a bank. I'm going the self-publish route. I am good with that. I feel Mimi has been holding my hand, and heart, every step of the way anyway. The good news is the book is written. Now I can turn it into my version of a beautiful book worthy of Mimi and her mission. I'll keep you posted.

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