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Unlocking the Power of a Hug

This week I spoke at two book events. One a group of about 40 ladies at my quilt guild, Peace by Piecing. I used my generous speaking fee to purchase books for a drawing. Those who did not receive a free book went away with a super cute bookmark. During my talk, I was able to show, and tell them, stories about several quilts associated with the book. You can't speak to a quilt group without quilts!

I also spoke to a group of mostly gentlemen at the Kingwood Executive Breakfast Club. Knowing I had to tailor the talk to my audience, I threw in some statistics. Guys like statistics. Did you know the state of Texas ranks 49th in how they serve adults with disabilities? C'mon Texas, you can do better! Did you know there are LONG waiting lists for services for adults with disabilities in Texas? Texas Health & Human Services reported in April 2023 there were 309,361 individuals still waiting. Mimi was on the list 13 years before her name came to the top.

I did tell one story to both groups about Mimi's super power. In a peanut shell, each Sunday I held Mimi's hand as we sat on the front row at church. Way across the other side of the church sat Andy, also on the front row. Andy was very elderly, his clothes were wrinkly, and he walked ever so slowly. Each Sunday, after church, for at least 10 years, the three of us would stop to meet at the center aisle. Mimi would then reach up and give Andy a hug. He never uttered a word and I never did either. I didn't know if he could talk. Mimi and Andy's hugs were different than her usual strong hugs. She seemed to know Andy was fragile and treated him every so gently.

One Sunday after their mutual hugfest, I said, "Mimi so looks forward to hugging you each Sunday."

"I so look forward to her hugs too," Andy whispered. It was the first time I had heard him speak.

Andy passed away shortly after that last hug. To me, he was the man who was least likely to be hugged, but needed it the most. Sometimes super powers don't come with shields and spider webs flying out of your fingertips.

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1 Comment

Risa McCann
Risa McCann
Jun 22, 2023

I enjoyed your chat with the quilt guild. You are right, you were able to meet the audience with the best approach-quilts for us, education for DKG, stats for guys! You are the BEST! Keep it up!

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