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Worth a Thousand Words

The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" is so true. For the upcoming book, I recently scanned a bunch of family photos. It instantly propelled me back to a happier time of family vacations, holidays, and birthday celebrations. I miss Mimi. I am hoping a smattering of her photos will be included in the book.

In anticipation of heading in the direction of the long and winding road to book publication, I needed a professional headshot. With nothing "author blog-worthy" for the bio section, Katie took a photo with her iPhone several months ago. She immediately mentioned I ought to think about something more professional. I had a feeling Katie wasn't just talking about the bamboo background!

So last week, I combed my closet for something remotely cute and trekked into town to Studio Pod. Their cute professional studio is located near I-10 and Shepherd. Chris Bailey, co-founder, and super personable guy, set me up in a chair in front of an iPad facing a large screen. With prompts, I basically took my own selfies. After I was finished, I had 15 professional headshots to choose from. The best one was retouched. The total cost was $60. At my age, I was extra excited about the retouching!

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