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Book Cover Reveal and Book Launch Update!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

You may have noticed the book cover looks strikingly similar to an art quilt I made earlier this year. And you would be right! A cool cover design factoid: the quilt image actually spills over onto the book spine.

I am not going to lie! There has been a struggle with the book cover design. We talked about and tried so many covers. One question I asked myself was if the angel wings translated to the title? And also, what exactly does an "embrace" look like anyway? After many discussions with family and friends about whether the angel wing quilt fit the subject of the book or not, I decided to go for it. Final confirmation came recently from my son, Ricky. We were Facetiming and he made an interesting comment about the cover.

"The way the angel wings lift upward reminds me of a hug. I totally see it," Ricky said.

I have been working behind the scenes and am so close to self-publishing Mimi's book! The book is now uploaded to Amazon but not ready to sell. I am awaiting the book proof to any day be deposited into my mailbox. The official book launch date will be in a few weeks. I'm thinking an in-person launch party with lots of Mimi's books, cookies, and chocolate milk would be fun. Mimi would have loved that! I'll keep you posted!

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